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Thursday, September 21, 2017 • • General

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Monday, September 18, 2017 • • General

Read here about Judson High School's partnership with Waldorf High School to provide CIF-SS athletics teams for our schools.


Schools Working Together:  Judson International School and Pasadena Waldorf form unique partnership to provide high school athletics to their schools


Athletic Director Chuck Fields (L) with Athletic Director Blake Bailey

Photo credit:  Kim Aasland, Judson International School



Judson International School of Pasadena and Pasadena Waldorf School in Altadena both began as K-8 schools which have added high schools over the past 5 years.  While the smaller size of both high schools provides excellent faculty/student ratios and creative learning options, providing competitive athletics at the high school level can prove a challenge.  Thus Judson Athletic Director Chuck Fields and Waldorf Athletic Director Blake Bailey came together with an interesting solution:  the formation of shared high school athletics teams.  Together they applied for and gained a multi-school agreement which was approved by the California Interscholastic Federation Southern Section (CIF-SS) governing body.   

Top Row L to R:  Marie Pearson (assistant coach), Madeleine Chen, Celia Deming-Bernstein, Rory Jackson, Katherine Chang, Sarah Beckler, Christine Chang, Naomi Aasland, Giselle Balderrama, Everette Brousseau, Helena Chirinos-Carter, Carla Lind (head coach)

Bottom Row L to R:  Wannapa (Mook) Aunjai, Leah Soderling, Hallie Gould

Photo credit:  Kim Aasland, Judson International School


Currently, the Judson/Waldorf Eagles fall athletics program includes California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) high school girls volleyball team and an independent San Gabriel league boys flag football team.  "Athletics is an integral part of the development of the whole student, so being able to create this relationship with Waldorf that enables students to grow in athletics is a wonderful opportunity," said Judson AD Chuck Fields.  In their first year,  the Judson/Waldorf Eagles high school girls volleyball team is off to a great start with a 3-1 record.  In their second year, the Judson/Waldorf Eagles boys flag football team already has a trophy under their belt with a first-place finish in the League of Fellowship championship this past season.    Winter high school athletics will include high school boys and girls CIF basketball.  "I am looking forward to the opportunities that the Judson/Waldorf Eagles teams will provide for kids from small schools to play CIF sports," said Pasadena Waldorf  AD Blake Bailey.




Top Row L to R:  Richard Rodriguez (coach), James Cheydleur, Aaron Balderrama, WookJun (John) Cho, Jiagang (Jason) Duan

Bottom Row L to R:  Ken Yoshida, Arlo Reilly, Lucas Semin,  Zheyan (Gin) Cui

Photo credit:  Kim Aasland, Judson International School







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Thursday, September 07, 2017 • • General

In this continuing series, hear from a few of our high school teachers about why they love teaching at Judson.

Mrs. Giron, High School English

Mrs. Giron teaches a variety of courses in our high school including English 9, English 10, American Literature, World Literature, and Journalism.  In her third year at Judson, Mrs. Giron is a published author and won an ACFW Genesis Award for her first novel, Beneath a Turquoise Sky which is set at a Navajo mission boarding school in 1911. She is currently working on a second novel which is a historical romance set at Fort Tejon, California during the American Civil War.  Coming to Judson from the Pasadena City College Writing Center, Mrs. Giron writes frequently for her own blog.  Mrs. Giron loves teaching at Judson, saying "I love Judson because our school brings the perspective of many different cultures. I love the texture that this brings to discussions because of our diverse life experiences."  Mrs. Giron, who has her BA in English from Asuza Pacific University, loves to bring literature to life in her classroom by having her students engage in Socratic discussions of the texts they are reading.




Mrs. Aasland, High School History

Mrs. Aasland comes to us with a wide variety of international experience.  As a child, she lived in Istanbul, Turkey and Kano, Nigeria.  After receiving her BA from Carleton College and her MA from the University of Minnesota, Mrs. Aasland and her husband and children moved to Kazakhstan where they worked and ministered for 16 years.  Mrs. Aasland taught History at Tien Shan International School in Almaty, Kazakhstan for 8 years.  Fluent in Kazakh and Russian, Mrs. Aasland loves the international flavor of Judson and meeting students from all over the world.  In her 6th year at Judson High School, Mrs. Aasland teaches World History 1, World History 2 and Honors World History courses.  One of her proudest moments at Judson was this past academic year when 100% of her honors students passed the AP World History test.    Mrs. Aasland says, "My goal is that every student will learn to love history and see its significance."  Known for her field trips and costume box, Mrs. Aasland loves to make history come alive through a variety of means including occasionally "mummifying" a student or acting out the betrayal of Julius Caesar at school every March 15.  The best comment she receives from students is that they remember her classes for years after they studied with her.  Mrs. Aasland also serves as our Director of Admissions and Marketing.



Miss Todd, High School Mathematics

It is not too often that the most popular teacher in high school is the math teacher, but Miss Todd brings such an energy and kindness to all she does that she has earned that title.  In her 2nd year at Judson, Miss Todd is known for restoring students' faith in their ability to do math.  Miss Todd grew up in Hawaii and received her BA from Biola University.   Desiring to instill a love of math in her students, Miss Todd has taken initiative to bring the American Mathematics Competition to Judson School, through which one of our students received distinction during the 2016-17 academic year.  Miss Todd also created a fun Pi Day video with our students and entered it into a competition.  Miss Todd says of Judson, "Our students are the most caring I have seen at any school. We have a great sense of community."   Miss Todd teaches many levels of mathematics at Judson from Pre-Algebra all the way up through Calculus.


Mr. Rinker, High School Bible

Mr. Rinker takes great joy in teaching our Judson High School Bible Courses.  "I love that at Judson my students think about ideas that we've been discussing and take them even further."   In his third year at Judson, Mr. Rinker comes to us with an MDiv from Fuller Seminary.  In addition to teaching at Judson, Mr. Rinker serves as a youth pastor at Pasadena Covenant Church.  Mr. Rinker is a frequent guest lecturer and speaker around the nation and has his own blog.


Mrs. Lisa Wright, High School Biology

A former microbiologist, Mrs. Wright is excited to teach Biology at Judson.  Mrs. Wright comes to Judson with 12 years experience teaching junior high and high school science.  Married to a New Zealander, Mrs. Wright recently returned from a two week trip to New Zealand.  She is excited to begin dissections and labs in Judson's new science laboratory. Mrs. Wright says, "I love sharing my passion for learning about all of creation."  Mrs. Wright teaches Biology 1 and Honors Biology at Judson.


Mrs. Graves, ELD English and History

Mrs. Graves is in 4th year at Judson International School and comes to us with over 30 years of teaching experience in both public and private school.  Mrs. Graves loves traveling and has been to China, France, Switzerland, Italy, England, Scotland, and Ireland.  In addition to her teaching credential, Mrs. Graves hold a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL).  Mrs. Graves greatly enjoys teaching at our school and says "I love the sense of community at Judson."  A fun fact about Mrs. Graves is that she has two sets of twins - one identical and one fraternal.  Her twin boys were on the TV show Cheers as babies; they have been on many other TV shows, movies and even a boy band since.  Mrs. Graves teaches ELDEnglish and ELD History and also serves as our Director of International Student Services.




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Wednesday, September 06, 2017 • • General

Simon Shiyan, grade 6 student at Judson International School, recently placed 17th in the world for 12 year category at the World Youth Chess Championship held August 19-31 in Brazil.  Simon, a resident of Pasadena,  has been playing chess for 5 years and has competed all over the world including Greece, Georgia and China.   Simon hopes to begin an advanced chess club at Judson International School to add to their existing chess club options.



Simon Shiyan (left) of Judson International School places 17th in the world in his age category at the World Youth Chess Championship in Brazil.


Simon Shiyan (right) of Judson International School places 17th in the world in his age category at the World Youth Chess Championship in Brazil.

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Friday, September 01, 2017 • • General

We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, Judson has won a Beacon Media Readers Choice award.

Judson International School Wins Gold Award for our Middle School

We are pleased to announce that Judson School has been awarded the Beacon Media Gold Award for "Best Middle School in San Gabriel Valley 2017."  This award was based on the votes of residents throughout San Gabriel Valley.  This award is the third education award Judson has received in the last two years.  In 2016 we received the Beacon Media Silver Award for "Best Private Co-ed High School in San Gabriel Valley.  We also received the Pasadena Weekly 2016 award for "Reader Recommended Best Private School in Pasadena."  We believe that the combination of our unique curriculum, our focus on knowledge through investigative learning, our teaching of understanding through critical thinking,  and our passion for wisdom to act with justice and mercy have been a winning combination.  At Judson students love to learn and care deeply about their school community and the world beyond.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017 • • General

Our junior high journalism students have begun our very first Judson podcast station. You can listen and subscribe by clicking on "View More" below.

2017-18 Junior High Journalism Team Starts a Podcast for Judson

We are very excited to announce that the Junior High Journalism Team has begun a Judson podcast.  Entitled Eagles Nest Podcast , this regular "radio" show will feature news and entertainment from Judson School.  We are very impressed with teacher Kathy Hall and our journalism team which includes Camille, Tabitha, John P and John S.  Take a listen:


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Tuesday, August 29, 2017 • • General

Our teachers love teaching at Judson. In this series, we will be meeting some of our wonderful teachers. We begin with four of our elementary teachers.

Miss Christine Rubalcava is our Kindergarten teacher.  She comes to us from Ireland and shares both Armenian and Irish ancestry.  When asked what she loves about teaching at Judson, Miss Christine replied, "I love teaching my kindergarteners about cultures from all around the world."  This is Miss Christine's 3rd year at Judson.  When not planning great lessons for our kindergarten students, Miss Christine is busy planning her wedding which will be in July 2018.


Mrs. Yodit Hizekiel is our 1st and 2nd-grade teacher.  Prior to joining us at Judson School, Mrs. Hizikel served as a teacher at an international school in Ethiopia for 7 years.    Originally from Texas, Mrs. Hizekiel comes to us with a wealth of teaching experience and is known for instilling creativity and a love of learning in her students.  "I love that I get to teach kids at Judson to read and write and I also get to teach them about Jesus."  A fun fact about Mrs. Hezikiel is that both she and her husband acted in a movie which was shown at the Pan-African Film Festival in 2016.

Mrs. Becky Berry, our 3rd/4th-grade teacher, is entering her 9th year at Judson.  Mrs. Berry loves the unique International Christian Curriculum that was designed exclusively for Judson International School.  "What I love most about Judson is our curriculum and all the fun field trips I get to take my students on."   Mrs. Berry grew up on a farm and loves the outdoors, spending most of her summers camping, hiking and backpacking.


Mrs. Lisa Jarrard loves teaching at Judson and is in her 10th year at our school.  She teaches our 5th/6th-grade class and loves transforming her classroom for Family Night into anything from a 50's cafe to a southwestern ranch to the set of Star Wars.  Mrs. Jarrard really enjoys taking her students to Science Camp each year either at Palomar or Catalina Island.  A lover of field trips, Mrs. Jarrad makes sure she takes her students on plenty of them.  "I love inspiring kids in both their learning and their faith!"  A fun fact about Mrs. Jarrard is that her two older sons are minor league baseball players.



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Thursday, August 24, 2017 • • General

Our musical theater program begins on Friday, August 25. Read more here...

We are happy to announce that Maren Plog will be the director for our 2017-18 musical theater season.  Maren is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University with a BA in Theater Arts and has been in countless productions herself as well as directing four performances.  She has studied acting and voice for 10 years and has 13 years of dance experience in a variety of styles.  She is quite familiar with Judson School as her sister, Kiersti Giron, is our high school English teacher!

In addition to directing our spring musical, Maren will be holding a Musical Theater Workshop in the fall.  This after-school program meets Mondays and Fridays from 3:00-5:00 pm. and introduces students to the fundamentals of acting, dancing, and singing, as well as the significance of musical theater in American culture. The workshop culminates in auditions for the spring musical. Cost is $150 per student for the 15-week workshop. Classes begin Friday, August 25.  Final class is Friday, December 15th. Questions? Contact Maren Plog at





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Tuesday, August 22, 2017 • • General

We are very pleased to announce that beginning this school year 2017-18 we will be offering our half-day kindergarten tuition free and our full day kindergarten at half price!


At Judson School, we are committed to making Christian education as accessible as possible to all who desire this for their children.  As part of that commitment, we are offering our half day kindergarten program tuition-free.  Parents only pay $800 in fees for a year of half-day kindergarten.  For those who want full day kindergarten, we are pleased to offer a full day at half price, meaning parents would only pay $4,375  annual tuition for a full day of Kindergarten (plus $800 in fees).  This gives families a chance to see what we love about Judson and we are hoping that they will return the following year for first grade and beyond.

Families who wish to take us up on this amazing offer should apply online

Judson's commitment to financially accessible Christian education extends beyond kindergarten.  We offer a generous Tuition Assistance Program to all of our families based on their financial need in addition to ministry and academic scholarships.  Our hope is that Judson will be affordable to all who wish to be here.


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Monday, August 21, 2017 • • General

Judson School is pleased to announce a 100% pass rate on 6 out of 8 AP exams.

Judson High School students outdid themselves this year on the AP exams.  They had a 100% pass rate in six of the eight AP exams they took this year:  AP Art History, AP English Literature and Composition, AP World History, AP Computer Science, AP Chemistry and AP Chinese Language and Literature.  For all eight exams, our pass rate was 72%, significantly higher than the CA state average of 58%.  Way to go, Judson students!   You have made us proud!

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